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Member Spotlight: Lindsey Davis

Lindsey Davis was an air force brat who moved around a lot in her youth. She spent ten years of her early adulthood in Chattanooga, Tennessee (shout out to Tremont Tavern!) before calling Portland her for-ev-er home. Her current occupation is a llama trainer and amateur farmer, although to pay her pesky bills she dabbles in a 40 hr/week part time job as a social worker. When she isn’t llama wrangling or working to pay the bills, she knits, dreams about being a farmer, attends church at Providence Park, gardens, and actively hates the city of (Editor's note: the AOPDX board reminds everyone to ACT ABOVE, and stand against any and all forms of discrimination).

Lindsey was enticed by “the community aspect of AO. You can literally show up to any AO city and there’s a gaggle of people who are basically required to be your friend.” As soon as she walked in to our AOPDX bar at the time Bazi Bierbrasserie, previous AOPDX President Kellen Christensen scarfed her and what transpired was AOPDX history*. She marched with her fellow AO friends through the streets of Vancouver, BC alongside the AO Banner on her way to the 2015 World Cup Final; an experience she’ll never forget!

Her current favorite player of all time is Adrianna Franch, who recently received her first cap in the SheBelieves Cup game against England. In addition to her (and our) love of A.D., we’d be remiss to not mention the impact Megan Rapinoe has had on her life. “During the 2012 Olympics, I was a queer woman in the South trying to understand myself and the community that I knew was out there somewhere. Seeing Pinoe on TV so confident and happy encouraged me to live authentically. Years later, I shamelessly chased her down the streets of Portland for a photo-op. She was very kind about it even though I was being a total creeper. “

When she first moved to Portland she didn’t own a television and regularly joined us at AOPDX bar at the time Bazi Bierbrasserie to watch her heroes play. Kellen’s plate of food was her favorite target at the watch parties, but she was also able to meet new people effortlessly.

In her words, “I strongly identify as socially awkward so it’s nice to have an easy conversation starter. Also, for you fellow awkward folks, please say hi to me at watch parties and we can be awkward together :)”

*Fun fact- she never did sign up with AO Chattanooga so she is officially AOPDX4Life. Hashtag it

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