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Member Spotlight: Hilary Pine

Hilary Pine was born and raised in Carson City Nevada, attending high school in California and college in Arizona. Currently she works as a medical lab assistant/phlebotomist for Legacy Health in Portland and Vancouver. When she is not watching soccer, she enjoys playing the trumpet, doing genealogical research, sculpting, and playing disc golf with her son and husband!

She relocated to Portland in 2010, where she became an AO member and immediately knew she had found an amazing group of like minded individuals. Her favorite memory with AO (so far!) was watching Carli Lloyd score four goals in the last final, and was amazed to experience it with all of us. Her favorite part about the watch parties? “Besides getting to wax poetic with all of my great AO brothers and sisters? The food.”

We also asked her about her favorite players and favorite memories and here is what she had to say:

USMNT: Tony Meola. I have always played keeper and he was greatly inspirational in the beginning of my soccer career as a player. I remember being in Las Vegas for a swim meet in 1993, so I was about 11 years old. While waiting for my heat someone had the TV in the office tuned to the 1994 tournament draw. That was the first time I remember feeling real excitement for an upcoming sporting event.

USWNT: Brandi Chastain. I was at Two Rivers Soccer Camp in Portola, CA when she scored the cup winning shootout goal versus China. I was 17 and looking to continue playing in college. That win pushed me to go for it. She is magic.

And we had to ask her for predictions for US Soccer in 2019 - “All of the wins, of course.”

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