Meeting Minutes for 7.9.16

AOPDX Member Meeting - 7/9/16
Board Present: Derek, Kellen, Stephanie, Brian, Hilda
Members Present: Lindsey, Emily, Robert, Scott, Shawn, Dakota

Copa Recap - Lots of membership sign-ups after the US won the group.  The van went well, lost about $2.00, but not bad for our first attempt at such a trip.  Bazi watch parties went well, apart from the HDMI cable issue for the semifinal match.  Commissioner Fish was also impressed with the events.  Civic Taproom also was a good auxiliary bar for when the USA and Timbers/Thorns play the same match.

Olympics - There is a slight chance the Men's U-23s will be in the Olympics; we will keep an eye on it.

Merch - T-Shirts are ordered, and may be here in time for the 7/22 match.  We need to invoice Widmer for their contribution; Stephanie and Kellen will handle this, as well as looking into a bookkeeping solution.  A short scarf run will be investigated to release this fall, along with patches and stickers - Kellen is working on this. Stephanie is looking into getting some swag donated to us, which could be used to raise additional chapter funds.

Chapter Stability - Banking has been set up with US Bank, PayPal is fixed.  Have approximately $1400, but are due money from Widmer ($216), and need to pay Palmer Cash (T-Shirt printer) $936.

Event - The Timbers FO has asked us if we are interested in another group seating option for after the WNT players return to the Thorns.  There will be a follow-up next week, about a possible meet and greet event post-match.

Capacity - Now that things are stabilized, we have a bit better capacity for non-watch party events.  Pickup/coed soccer matches, movie nights, charity events, etc.

Membership - Now that the member database is updated live, Jamaal is working towards capturing expiring members, and communicating with them to keep their membership current.

Open Forum - 8/28 is the Hawthorne Street Fair, and Bazi is doing a "human foosball" tournament; there was discussion about AOPDX fielding a team, as well as having an info table.  AOPDX's 5th Birthday is 8/25; there was discussion about having an early party in conjunction with the Gold Medal match (8/19).  There was discussion regarding considering bylaw changes; everybody has been asked to review the bylaws as they exist, and come back with suggestions on how to change them (if so desired).  Also, AO Tri-Cities is hosting all AO Cascadia Chapters for the 8/6 Olympics match.  Kellen will post an event to gauge interest for car/vanpooling.

Next membership meeting is post match on 9/6.