American Outlaws Portland

03/26/2019 Board Meeting - Minutes
These Minutes can be found at:

Meeting opened at 7:23pm.

Board members present: Kellen Christensen, Robert Solorio, Derek Espinoza, Shannan Sorenson

Also Present: Newest AOPDX member Nancy. Lena visiting from AO Spokane.

Board Matters

  • Last Act of President Kellen Christensen, board roll call and calling the meeting to order

  • Election Results and Swearing in Newly Elected Officers:

  1. Derek Espinoza (President)

  2. Shannan Sorenson (Vice President)

  3. Robert Solorio (Treasurer)

  4. Secretary position is unfilled. * Will discuss temporary secretary position in 2019 planning

    VOTE: Board unanimously accepts election results. New board is sworn in.

  • Financial Update (Robert/Derek)Robert and Derek will schedule a time to visit the bank.

2019 Planning

  • Kellen Christensen offered to act as temporary secretary until a replacement officer is found or until the start of the 2019 FIFA World Cup on June 7th, 2019; whichever event occurs first.

    VOTE: Unanimous vote to approve Kellen as secretary until June 7, 2019 (or until replacement found).

A replacement will be done according to bylaws by special election or appointment by board when a suitable candidate is found or steps forward.

  • Discuss mailing address and office headquarters and requirements for notifying Oregon SoS
    Current Headquarters is listed at Kellen’s house, and need to change. Derek discussed with Niki Diamond to moving AOPDX headquarters to Toffee Club address and register AOPDX address with state and bank using Toffee Club as Principal Place of Business.

    VOTE: Board votes unanimously to move HQ to Toffee Club.


  1. 12 Cascadia 2.0s. Done in collaboration with AO Tacoma. Costs for $208.55 to ruffneck for our initial allotment, sold for profit. $196.50 to buy 25 more from AO Tacoma, sold at cost.

  2. a single Chapter 66 scarf remains from the order of 66 Scarves. 66 Scarves were purchased in December of 2016 for $493.68 plus $138 in shipping, $631.68 in total

  3. 86 AO Patches ordered from stadri emblems. 200 patches total, $1.31 per plus $14.50 in shipping for a total of $276.50

  4. 50 Static clings purchased by Kellen Christensen for $19 * Discuss reimbursement for Kellen

  5. In the Stars Shirts:M-2, L-3, XL-3, Youth XL-1

  • Ship a donation to AO Charlotte for a soccer fundraiser supporting high school soccer.

    Vote: Unanimous Vote -Board authorizes sending $50 worth of merchandise to AO Charlotte

  • Reimbursement of Kellen for his shipping costs. Ask him for a reasonable estimate or approximation of money he has spent in shipping.

    VOTE: Reimburse Kellen for a reasonable estimate of his shipping costs. Passes Yay - 3 Votes, Nay - 0 Votes, Abstain - 1 Vote due to conflict of interest

  • Unclaimed merchandise

Storage is currently at Kellen’s- check with Niki if enough storage is available at Toffee Club.

Current Inventory: motion for one more attempt to reach out for already paid for merchandise and/or refund any balances to unclaimed merchandise.

-Suggestions (3 options):

a) ship for free

b) pick up by April

c) refund

VOTE: Unanimous vote to play out options with paid for and unclaimed merchandise.

  • New merchandise Ideas

Chapter Scarf – Need New Standard Scarf!

Motion put forward to discuss with Richard Miller the cost of designing a scarf to have by Mid April

VOTE: Unanimous vote to authorize discussing new scarf design with Richard regarding pricing of new design.

Other merchandise suggestions: Rainbow patches/stickers. These would be ready for Pride in June as well as coincide with Women’s World Cup. Speak with Niki about any co-branding opportunities during Women’s World Cup. Plans to do a run of approximately 200 Pride Patches. Kellen has volunteered to speak with Stadri.

Rainbow Patches will be put before the Board at Large, as cost approximations for Pride Patches are $280-$300.

Other merchandise items to be brought before the Board a Large: sunglasses.

2019 Planning

Derek will discuss flyers and table tents with Niki.

Derek has volunteered to discuss pricing with Lena (of AO Spokane) regarding matchday giveaways. Derek will bring to vote with the board once pricing is determined.

Kellen has suggested to have dedicated merchandise tables at WWC watch parties.

Community Involvement

June 26th and 27th: City of Portland Parks & Rec Tournament. Derek will reach out to volunteer during tournament. However, there is a possible conflict with a World Cup match.

Shannan will reach out to Gab for collaboration between AO and Riveters regarding travel in France as well local collaborations during the Women’s World Cup. Shannan has volunteered to be liaison between the Riveters and AOPDX for WWC.

Derek will discuss possible opportunities with Thorns Front Office via Kayla Knapp of the Thorns social media.

Will need Board presence all Watch Parties.

Discuss with Niki regarding any volunteer opportunities at tents- TBD.

Banner Travel- no go to LA. Will be posted at bar. Will discuss having AO Banner at Merlo Field for U23 match.


Special Olympics Oregon: reach out for volunteer opportunities

FootGolf- will do again, as last year was a success. Cost is $320, have prizes of approximately $120. Approximate date- mid-July. Kellen has volunteered to discuss details with footgolf course. Tournament to be promoted during watch parties.

FIFA tourney? To have at Toffee Club, coordinate with National.

Open Forum

Suggestion for possible charitable opportunity from Nancy of AO Spokane: “If Shoe Doesn’t Fit” – collected donations from youth games.

PDX FC and FC Mulhouse Portland - NPSL- future Pint Nights?

Discuss charity night with Niki

Posters/Bulletin Boards at Futsal/Indoor Soccer facilities around town

AO Futsal tournament.

Meeting adjourned at 8:47pm.